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G | 1h 23min | Comedy, Sci-Fi | 9 February (West Germany) In the far reaches of space, a small crew, 20 years into their solitary mission, find things beginning to go hilariously wrong. John Carpenter (original story and screenplay), Dan O'Bannon (original story and screenplay.
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Josephine opened in Paris, in October 2. Glynn Borders and Mario E. Sprouse begin to collaborate on the new version of Dark Star'.

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Glynn reworks the book while Mario composes new music and lyrics for several songs. We still need many more. Dark Star From Harlem LLC has been established for early investment opportunities towards future commercial productions of the play. We intend to move from our non-profit, developmental production at La Mama to a commercial production Off-Broadway. There are several Off-Broadway theaters on our list of possibilities.

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While John Carpenter directed and scored the music to Dark Star , Dan O'Bannon seemed to have had a hand in most other facets of the film's production. Along with acting, editing and co-writing the script, he was heavily involved with the special effects for the movie, in particular the flashing computer graphics that are screened on the monitors in the ship's bridge. The FX, animation, set designs and costumes in Dark Star are what you might expect from a student film in the early s.

They're striking, but basic. For example, the spacesuit design follows very much the Blue Peter school of thought in its use of disused household implements.

Look closely and you can see frying pans, vacuum cleaner nozzles and silver sticky tape. The hyperspace jumps and meteor showers look to have been drawn as background animations with crayons, and the model work is a tad jumpy. In the main, though, the effects work and their simplicity serve to lend the film its satirical edge.

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Dark Star is very much a product of its time. Channelling the disillusioned ideals of the s peace and love era with the darker, more paranoid mood of the s, the film takes influence from a number of sources. O'Bannon was a big fan of anarchic psychedelic comics of the 60s such as The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and the graphic novels of Robert Crumb he was reading Crumb's Book Of Genesis when he died in and the mood of Dark Star is very much derived from these.

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And it is a funny film, a mixture of slapstick and stoner shtick with a few bleaker more cynical laughs and some gallows humour to boot. Most alternative movies in the early 70s had either Watergate or Vietnam as subtextual themes and Dark Star is no different. As far as influence from other movies goes, an obvious mention goes to A Space Odyssey.

Dark Star spends much of its time lampooning Kubrick's grand opus to good effect. The jump to hyperspace in the first few minutes is a reference to Douglas Trumbull's Stargate sequence from the earlier film, although on a much smaller scale.

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It's in these moments that Dark Star reveals a philosophical and almost existential edge. Director John Carpenter has referred to Dark Star as " Waiting For Godot in space" and whilst it never tries to seriously answer questions about life, the universe and everything, Dark Star is more than just a run of the mill genre spoof. Post Dark Star , John Carpenter's career rose rapidly.