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Lesen Sie „A Practical Guide to Alterations and Improvements“ von J. Buckland erhältlich bei Rakuten Kobo. A practical guide which enables small builders to.
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With the expert advice from the Housing Department Site Safety Sub-committee Task Group, the Guide has been compiled to reinforce critical safety messages and promote best practices.

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This Safety Guide aims to enhance the safety awareness of site management staff and frontline workers involved in lift Addition and modernisation works so as to prevent accidents. Site photos are shown to highlight the contrast malpractice and between the good safety practice that should be adopted. This can enable the readers to master the message more easily and have a deeper impression. Skip to main content Language:. Home Safety Handbooks and Booklets. Safety Handbooks and Booklets. Back to top.

Site Safety Handbook for Maintenance and Improvement Works This handbook is an updated version to the last edition in to include new safety management measures, new or revised codes, enhancement to foster safety culture, etc.

Further guidance can be sent to you on request, and you may be entitled to compensation at the end of your tenancy for improvements you made. You must ask before you start alterations or improvements. Some tenants are entitled to compensation at the end of their tenancy for improving their home.

This depends on the type of improvement and other criteria. Any major alterations will need to meet statutory consents, such as a building warrant. For more information or to discuss your ideas contact our Repairs team on Manage your home. Paying your rent.

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Data collection processes are developed in search of places, individuals or events that may potentiate the discovery of variations between concepts and the condensation of categories, properties and dimensions, according to the information needs that have arisen in the research 10, In the Grounded Theory, the sample is formed throughout the study, following the emerging theory gaps, collecting data from individuals and contexts with characteristics on which the resulting theory is still weak, until it "saturates" the categories.

The participants are listed in sample groups, with individuals who have relevant experiences in relation to the research phenomenon Next to the data collection, the Grounded Theory analytical process begins by coding the data and elaborating concepts, subcategories and categories, with the help of memos and diagrams.

It consists of one of the stages of generating theory process and allows the externalization of ideas, through written records, codes and their relations, taking to the more abstract level the concepts that arise from this process The diagrams present categorized data, facilitating studies about them, since they show the concept relations and demonstrate the theory density and complexity 15, To represent the Grounded Theory results, it is developed a model, which compares, relates and interconnects the elaborated categories in the data analysis.

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This makes it a relevant methodological reference for the nursing and health areas, whose practices are based on the interactions between individuals, family and work team Integrating the theory of transition and the grounded theory. To demonstrate the existing connections between the Theory of Transition and the Grounded Theory, with better concepts and reflections visualization, for application in nursing research and care, four assumptions were elaborated:. The Grounded Theory understands the phenomenon under study the transitions , based on the meanings of experiences.

Both cooperate in the knowledge production, for the behavioral change, redefinition of the meanings about the event and alteration of the self-perception in the context of the lived reality. There is a dynamism in which the rupture with the known fact occurs, as well as the responses to the occurrence, due to the triggered transitions For Strauss, human beings are active agents in their lives and not passive recipients of higher social forces.

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The process is essential to the human existence - but not the structure -, because individuals create the frameworks, through their engagement in processes. Strauss took, to the Grounded Theory, the social construction of action as the central problem to be dealt with, because subjective social meanings arise from actions.

All these ideas reflect the philosophical tradition of pragmatism and the theoretical perspective of Symbolic Interactionism It explores the meanings of human behaviors and the social roles of the individuals in interaction This background is used in theory of transitions, because it plays an important role in the concept of the symbolic world of responses and forms of interactions in transitions One of the differentials of the Grounded Theory is theoretical sampling, which searches for places, subjects and events that potentiate the varieties of concepts and make the categories dense, in what concerns to the properties and dimensions It allows the understanding of the transitions from various perspectives until reaching the data theoretical saturation.

.: Portal da SBO - Sociedade Brasileira de Oftalmologia :.

The representation by illustrative figure is important for the understanding of the investigated phenomenon, when transitions take place. Moreover, it can be interesting to increase continuous training actions, in order to improve the nursing therapeutical care during the transitions. It is established that the use of the Theory of Transactions and the Grounded Theory enables the understanding of skills, strategies and interventions developed by the individuals in the transitions.

Therefore, the theoretical-explanatory model of the Grounded Theory can show the changes by the perspective of the Theory of Transitions in a lived context. Therefore, it supports the foundations of the doctoral thesis above mentioned: The understanding of the sexuality transitionality experience of the elderly person's spouse-caregiver in a dementia process allows the elaboration of an interpretive model that points to a therapeutic nursing care specific of that moment of life.

The article expands the perspective, necessary for the nurses' professional training and performance, in the fields of theory, research and care; it contributes to the social skills and abilities relevant to the nurses' care practice in the health services; it encourages the incorporation of new ideas, references and technological innovations in nursing research, indispensable for the development of the Grounded Theory and the Theory of Transition, both capable of potentializing the nurses' professional practice in their different dimensions.

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