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Real Girls of the Bible uses the stories of thirty authentic Bible women to illustrate Real Girls of the Bible PB (Faithgirlz!) by Mona Hodgson () Paperback.
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Did God really say you couldnt eat from every tree in the garden? We may eat fruit from the trees, Eve said, but God said not to eat fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden. He said if we touched it, wed die. Thats silly. You wont die, the serpent sneered. God doesnt want you to eat it because when you do, your eyes will open and youll be like him.

Eve stared at the smooth and shiny fruit on the tree in the middle of the garden. The fruit was so pretty to look at ripe and ready to eat. Tempted, Eve picked the fruit and ate some. Then she gave it to her husband, Adam, who also bit into it. Satan, the crafty con, had disguised himself as a serpent to tempt Eve. And his half-truth worked. Hed told Eve that when she ate of the fruit, her eyes would open. They did, and Eve saw that she and her husband were naked. According to Satan, Eve would be like God when she ate the fruit. She wasnt all-powerful like God, but she did learn the difference between good and evil.

Because Eve felt guilty for disobeying God, she and Adam picked leaves from a fig tree and sewed them together. Later when Adam and Eve heard the Lord strolling in the garden, they ducked behind a tree and hid from him. Have you ever done something you knew was wrong and felt guilty about it? Have you ever tried to hide what you did from your parents or a teacher? Can you hide from God?

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Could Eve? God knew what Eve and her husband had done and why theyd hidden from him. Because God loved them, he showed them grace and used animal skins to make better clothes for them. But Eve still suffered the consequences of her sin. No more strolls in the beautiful garden with God. She and her husband had to leave the garden, and life became hard. They had to work for their food. Her pain in having babies was increased, but God gave Eve the strength she needed. If you were out milking the goats with Eve today, shed probably warn you about your enemy Satan.

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Shed tell you Satan has an evil plan for everyone who knows and loves God. But shed also tell you God has a good and perfect plan for your life. Eve would tell you Satan had taken the form of a serpent and twisted what God had said into a lie. Because Eve didnt know about Satans persuasive powers, shed listened to him and reached for the forbidden fruit. She might wipe tears from her cheeks and tell you God is a good God. That hell love you even when you mess up. Eve had to live with the consequences of her disobedience, but God still provided for her needs. The Bible says weve all sinned.

We dont always do whats right. Like Eve, were sometimes tempted to want things and relationships that arent good for us. Are you ever tempted to listen to the wrong people? Kids at school, friends in the neighborhood, or even a When youre tempted, you can remember Eves story.

You can choose to listen to God and trust his love for you. When you do make a bad choice and mess up, you can go to God, confess your sin to him, and accept his gracious forgiveness. For it is written: Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only. Matthew Dear God. Father God, help me to recognize temptation for what it is and help me to refuse to go against you and your Word. In Jesus name, amen. Mary the mother of Jesus came through Eves third son, Seth, whose name means compensation, which is payment.

Jesus was the perfect one who could pay for our sins. Her name even meant princess. But Sarais castle was a tent pitched here and there from Mesopotamia to Haran to the land of Canaan. Sarai was married to Abram, a man ten years older than her. The Lord had told Abram to leave his people and his country of Mesopotamia and take off for a land God would later show him.

So at sixty-five years old, Sarai packed up and headed out on an adventure with her husband and his nephew Lot. Sarai knew the Lord had promised Abram hed be the father of a great nation and many generations would come from him. She also knew in order for God to make a great nation from their children, shed have to have But their cradle was empty. And in that day if a woman couldnt have children, people thought God had cursed her. That shed done something to make God mad at her. Ten years had passed since Gods promise to give Sarai and Abram children. She was seventy-five years old. She wasnt getting any younger, and she still hadnt had a baby.

So she decided that if her maid had a baby with Abram, it would fulfill Gods promise. Sarai went to Abram and said, The Lord wont give me children. Go sleep with my maidservant so I can build a family through her. Then Sarai gave her Egyptian maidservant, Hagar, to Abram. Sarais plan turned out to be a painful one. When Hagar became pregnant, she began to hate Sarai.

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Sarai blamed Abram. Youre responsible for my suffering, she told him. Now that Hagar knows shes pregnant, she hates me. Shes your servant, Abram said. You should do whatever you think is best. Hagar had given Abram something Sarai hadnt been able to give him: a child. And having Hagar around reminded Sarai she didnt have a child of her own. She became jealous of Hagar and made her life miserable, so Hagar ran away.

But God still had his own plan. The Lord came to Abram again. While Abram was facedown on the ground before him, God promised Abram again that hed be the father of many nations. God changed Abrams name to Abraham and Sarais name to Sarah. Ill bless Sarah and give you a son by her, God said, Shell be the mother of nations. Kings will come from her. Sarah laughed at the thought that she, a ninety-yearold woman, could be having a baby.

But nothing gets in the way of Gods plan. When Sarah gave birth to a son, they named him Isaac. The name Isaac means laughter.


Sarah said, God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me. Who wouldve thought Id nurse a child at my age? God knew it would happen. But before Princess Sarah learned to wait for God, she was a royal pain. Sarahs impatience to have a baby, her moments of doubting Gods promises, and her poor choices in trying to make it happen with Hagar caused Sarah and others a lot of trouble.

Sarah learned that God uses a different clock than we do. God keeps his promises, but he does it in his perfect time. And Gods perfect time for something to happen isnt usually soon enough for us. Sarahs son, Isaac, did become the father of the nation of Israel. It just didnt happen as soon as she wanted it to.